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Aloe Vera
Often called the ‘Miracle Plant’ or the ‘Wand of Heaven’, Aloe Vera is a plant of many surprises.

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aloe vera for dogs, cats and other animal related products like MPD,Aloe veterinary Formula,Aloe Vera Gelly,Aloe vera toothpaste and Aloe Gel Drink

Animals and Home

By clicking on the animated link above you can purchase Aloe Veterinary Formula,Aloe Vera Gelly,Aloe Vera Toothgel and Aloe Vera Gel Drink.


For Aloe Vera Gel Drinks and Vitamin and Mineral suppliments as well as Bee Products

Life Balance

By clicking on the animated link above you can purchase a wide range of healthy drinks,vitamins,honey bee products,mineral supplements and herbs.


Skin Care including Bath Gelee,Evershield deodorant stick,Propolis cream,Aloe Gelly,Aloe Scrubb and many other Beauty Products etc.PLEASE CLICK HERE

Beauty and Wellness

By clicking on the animated link above you will see a very large range of skincare,beauty,cleansers and everyday personal use products.The include our aloe Propolis Cream and Ever-Shield Deodorant stick.


For foreverlite drinks,fast break bars,forever lean,Garcinia plus,clean 9 packs, F.I.T packs,Forever Therm,ARGI and other weight management products PLEASE CLICK HERE

Fitness and Weight Management

By clicking on the link above and selecting Weight Management on the Menu on the left you will see our vast range of diet and fitness products including the new clean9 packs,Forever Lite Ultra,Garcinia Plus,ARGI+F.I.Tpacks and many more.

The Mog

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