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Planet Care Products

Planet Care Products is a leading distributor of a range of Aloe Vera products in the UK including aloe veterinary formula, aloe vera gelly tube, pet tooth gel, aloe propolis cream, bee propolis, aloe vera drinks, aloe pet shampoos, aloe conditioners, aloe liquid soaps and many other aloe vera products.

Patrick Knowles has been an independent distributor of Forever Living Products the world's leading growers and manufacturers of Aloe Vera products made with 100% stabilised aloe vera gel since 1996. Welcome to my site and I hope that you find it easy to find your way around. This miracle plant has helped many people and animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and horses through the ages. It's nutritional and natural healing benefits as well as its skin care plus the healing of wounds properties were used by the Egyptians.

Forever Living Products have discovered and patented a unique stabilisation process that keeps these amazing natural properties the way nature intended. Aloe Vera also known as the burns or first aid plant it contains a clear aloe gel and its this gel that can be put to a variety of uses. Also available are Fitness, Diet and Weight Control, beehive products.
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